Urgent Help Needed!

We Urgently Need Your Help - We’ve Lost Derek!

Duck Missing Poster

In our rush to get all this year’s ducks on sale to you, the Great British Public, our favourite duck, Derek, has somehow got mixed up with all the others on sale at our local retailers.

Now, we love Derek very much and desperately want him back, so much so Bridgnorth Lions have put up a £50 reward to the person who finds and buys Derek. The good thing is, as you’ve bought Derek, you also get to enter the race, as well as winning the £50.

We’re doing our detective work to try to locate where he is. To try to help you find him, we’ll be posting clues on our Bridgnorth Lions Facebook Page, as we get nearer to race day. Make sure you regularly check back for ideas.

So we urgently need your help. Derek is a sensitive soul, and the longer he’s out there in the wild, we do fear for him.

And remember everything we raise from the Duck Race goes directly to help those in need locally, so if you don’t find Derek first time, have another go.

Good Luck.


The Winner of The Missing Duck (Derek) Hunt will be announced following the Race on 26th May. Winners Details will be announced on this website.

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